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Dr: My wife has recently begu to hear voices - of the

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My wife has recently begu to hear voices - of the neighbors talking about her. I do not know what to do . She insists she is noot going crazy but I do not hear anyone speaking to her. She is 58 years old and take anastrozole for breast cancer (in remission). Can you advise me what I should do?
Welcome to the site.
I am sorry to learn about your wife's condition and I empathize with her.
You see it seems like your wife has developed what is clinically termed as Paranoia and Psychosis where in she has started to develop auditory hallucinations (I.e hearing of voices which are not heard by any other person) and also has started harboring suspicion towards others which has no basis thereby indicating towards the paranoia that she has developed.
You see often psychotic and paranoia overlay seem to develop in a patient with chronic illness secondary . depression which is usually brewing within the person.Similar case could be there in case of your wife.
I will humbly suggest that you get her evaluated by a psychiatrist for psychosis and paranoia as soon as possible so that this new condition does not compromise her recovery from cancer and it is quite possible that the psychiatrist who evaluates her may suggest to start her on an anti psychotic drug such as olanzapine or risperidone or quetiapine etc which shall actually and effectively help to subdue her psychosis/paranoia , so you should be prepared for all of this.
I hope this helps.
Wish your wife a speedy recovery.
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