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I am planning to get gum flap surgery next week. I am

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I am planning to get gum flap surgery next week. I am getting the whole procedure done in one session which will take 3-4 hours. I'm also getting general anesthesia. I am a diabetic who has to urinate every 2 hours. I'm concerned that I will wet myself while under anesthesia since I will be under for over 2 hours. Is there anything I can do to prevent that from happening?
911Doctor :

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I'm sorry. I was having problems getting the chat to initiate.

There is a simple solution to this, though you will definitely want to tell your surgeon ahead of time about this issue.

I'm also sorry your requested physician was not on the site, so this question did open for any physician to respond to.

Since you are going to be under general anesthesia, standard procedure would be, after you are under anesthesia, to have a Foley catheter inserted into your bladder. This would drain your urine during the procedure so you would not need to worry about urinary incontinence. After recovery they would remove the catheter and you would, after the appropriate recovery time, be able to urinate normally.

I hope this answer has been helpful. If so, please do remember to leave positive feedback. If you have further questions please ask them below.

I hope your surgery goes well.



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