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My mother has used parnate for more then 20 years and was

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My mother has used parnate for more then 20 years and was very satisfied with it. The last years she took only 10 mg once a day.
However, after an operation with local anesthetic, which cost something of her strenght, she has now and then depressed feelings and talks about suicide.
Such feelings she didn't have the last 20 years. She wanted to ask her doctor a higher dose, but he has vacation. My mother is 94 years old, has (with medicines) normal bloodpressure. My question is: is the risc to take a second or a third 10 mg pill acceptable?
Hi--the usual effective dosage for Parnate is 30mg in divided doses. so one 10 mg tablet twice a day at this point would be what I would prescribe. That said, since I'm not her doctor I can't tell you to give her the higher dose without talking to her doctor first
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am satified with your answer, I accept you can't go further then this.

I wished I had asked the question a week ago, then probably she still would have lived now. She is dead now, she commited suicide a week ago.

She asked the replacement doctor for a higher dose, but he refused.

My mother always had a good health and I think she could have lived 4 or 5 years more and would have enjoyed life like she did the last years. What a pity.

So I think the refusal was stupid or careless.

I had no idea 10mg a day is very low dose and there must be in this situation an important reason not to take a higher dose.(there was not)

I find it difficult to have peace with this situation.