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for the past week, have been having headaches on and off.

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for the past week, have been having headaches on and off. when take advil it goes away. but, then this morning woke up with a headache and took medicine and it went away, and then had a headache 3 hours later, took something for that and it went away, and then i seems that it's back again.
at first, i thought that i drank wine last night that gives me headache, but now i am starting to get paranoid.
and of course meanwhile i happened to read about someone with brain thing.
HI--before this past week did you have any problem with headaches? Where exactly is the pain?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


And headaches are not a usual thing for you? Any nose stuffiness or drainage?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

well, i get them every so often.

nose is always running in the morning and i sneeze after i wake up for a while. also, i don't drink a lot of water.

but, it's like 3 in a row. so, i am freaking out.

although, back in may, an acquaintance was diagnosed with horrible disease, so i had them like every day for 3 weeks. and then i had my head scanned and then they stopped. being every day.


OK--first off if you had a normal scan in May there is no way a brain tumor would have grown to the point of causing headaches by now. This sounds like one of two things--either a sinus headache from a sinus infection, or a tension headache from spasm of your neck muscles. Neither one serious but if this is getting to be a problem you should see a doctor about it. Also, a brain aneurysm's headache doesn't come and go like yours so really nothing serious going on here
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


so, what do i do?


If it's your sinuses, you'll need antibiotics. If it's a tension headache, you can try topical capsiacin cream to the back of your neck.
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