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For awhile now, I've felt like it was really hard to burp,

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For awhile now, I've felt like it was really hard to burp, and when I did it was usually a pretty wet burp. Basically, I'd have to throw up a little bit of like water and what looks like some crumbs from what i recently ate to burp. Today, my throat feels extremely tight. I looked in the mirror at it, and it looked really yellowish. Any help?
Some other background info: I've had ringing in my ears for several weeks, and I've been dealing with pressure/tension in the top and front of my head for 8-10 months now. I recently had sinus surgery to deal with it, but I haven't seen any improvements since surgery. I'm currently going to a chiropractor who thinks the tension in my back may have something to do with the headaches.
Sorry for late reply and inconvenience.
Associated dizziness?
Painful swallowing?
Are you taking any medicines?
What is your occupation?
Neck stiffness?
Thanks dear.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I've been feeling dizzy today, but I should also probably mention that I had a bit too much to drink last night.

So, yes to the nausea as well.

No constipation.

I take kirkland's allergy medicine daily, but other than that no. I had some alka seltzer today.

I work as a warehouse assistant. About 6 hours a day. 3 hours of physical activity and 3 hours of downtime.

Yes my neck has been pretty stiff. It's been feeling less stiff, though, since I've been going to the chiropractor.

Thanks for providing additional information.
I understand your concern and it's my pleasure to help you in every aspect.
As per your description,possible differential diagnosis may include Inner ear inflammation,Labyrinthitis,Cervicogenic headache.
Burping,nausea can be associated with Gastroesophageal reflux.
Even alcohol can be a contributing factor.
You should try OTC Mylanta and Prilosec.
Also drink plenty of water.
Do gentle massage with Topical Diclofenac sodium ointment on back of neck.
As you have already undergone sinus surgery and your symptoms are not improving so you should consult your ENT specialist again.
Do saline gargles.
As your headache is persistent for 8-10 months so CT Scan Head should be done in your case.
Hope this helps.
Please press reply button if you have follow-up query.
Positive feedback and bonus are highly appreciated.
Thanks dear.
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