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Last weekend, I drank lots of beer on an empty stomach. I

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Last weekend, I drank lots of beer on an empty stomach. I dry heaved and had severe stomach pain and nausea. I have been having intermittent stomach discomfort and soreness across the upper abdomen all week. I also had severe diarrhea one night too.
Incidentally, this week I have seen 2 doctors: an asthma specialist (long overdue) and a GI doctor. The asthma doctor put me on Prednisone and Symbicort and the GI did liver, pancreas blood tests along with CBC, all of which were normal. Then she prescribed Prilosec.
My question is: Is the nausea, intermittent pain and stomach upset caused by my drinking binge or is it from side effects of the medications?
I need to add that I am also taking Ativan and over the counter Pepto Bismol.
Also, I have been experiencing low body temperature ranging from 96.6 to 97.3 at any given time.
Hi--was there any blood in your vomit or in the diarrhea?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No. In the vomit, there was nothing there to come out--it was completey dry. I did the motions of vomiting with nothing coming out.

My diarrhea was black because of the ingredient in the Pepto Bismol (I think).

I also did 2 FOBT tests in August of this year and both were negative.

OK,Nancy. Yes the Prilosec could be the cause here but it's also possible that you have a stomach virus that just happened to coincide with the beer drinking. At this point I'd stop the Prilosec but don't do that without letting your doctor know first. The virus, if you have one, should run its course in another few days
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I thought about the stomach virus but the nausea is intermittent. Plus, I have been checking my oral body temperature and it is between 96.6 and 97.3 at any given time. I was wondering if it was possible that my dry heaving continuously for a couple of hours could have really messed up my abdominal muscles and that is the reason for the soreness.

I can live with most of the side effects but I cant handle the nausea because I have to work. The diarrhea was after a very large meal at a restaurant and I only experienced it that one time this week.

So basic question: Do I need to run right back to the GI doctor right away or are these side effects normal? She said that it it continues, she wants to do an Upper GI and I would like to avoid that.

Well there is something called a Mallory Weiss tear of the upper stomach lining after several bouts of severe vomiting but I don't think that's the problem here. This could be a peptic ulcer that is acting up after the beer of course. Let the GI know if you aren't better by tomorrow or the next day.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok. Is the low body temperature a concern?

No and actually when you have a virus it can lower the temp a bit
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

One last question: Is it ok to keep taking Pepto Bismol and/or Drammamine OTC for the dizziness and nausea?

Both of those are fine Nancy
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