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I have been quite sick earlier in the week with lethargy,

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I have been quite sick earlier in the week with lethargy, joint and muscle soreness for the first day or two, then had a slight fever for a couple of days (again, feeling very unwell) as the fever subsided, I have had a very sore throat for a day or two. Then last night i had a very sleepless night with an all over itchiness. now this morning I have a rash all over my body...any ideas? I am actually feeling a lot better today, just itchy all over
Hi--can you fully describe the rash?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

a blotchy rash pretty much all over the body except my face hands and feet...although my feet and hands are still quite itchy

OK Darren. Most likely this is what's know as a viral exanthem which can sometimes be seen with the flu and it isn't serious and usually subsides in a few days. That said, with the sore throat you're having this could also be scarlatina from a strep throat so I would suggest you see a doctor for a strep culture since untreated strep infections can lead to rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart valve disease
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