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For the last few days, I have sudden sharp stabbing pain on

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For the last few days, I have sudden sharp stabbing pain on the top middle of my left hand. It is located near a vein below the index and middle finger area. It is keeping we awake at night. Is it neurological? I am 53 and right handed. I have some arthritis in my right hand fingers, but have had no problem with my left.
does it hurt when you move your hand? Any trauma? Any other symptoms?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No trauma, does not hurt otherwise. The pain happens all of a sudden and it feels like a sharp stabbing pain. It is not like a dull ache. Once the pain stops it is gone until it starts again. Tried rubbing it, moving my hand around and stretching out my fingers and that doesn't seem to help. I also tried keeping it above my heart to see if that helped it and it didn't. I'm taking 1 Aleve in the am and 1 at night. That seems to work for a few hours and then it starts again.

It could be neurological, more specifically from the median nerve which innervates that area.
I would make an appointment with your doctor for evaluation and treatment
You can try wearing a volar wrist splint- velcro- they sell them at the pharmacy in the meantime for comfort and see if that helped

I hope that this helped.
Please leave positive feedback if it did :-)
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I was checking to see how you were doing
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My hand is better. Stabbing pain at night stopped over the weekend. Now it is sore and a light green bruising over that area has appeared. I saw my Dr. yesterday and she suspects a damaged tendon. Not sure how I did that, but anything is possible at my age..;) Still taking Aleve and now wearing a brace for the next couple days in hopes it will speed the healing along. Thanks!

Great thanks for the feedback :-)