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I have a recurring smelly discharge that is greenish or

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I have a recurring smelly discharge that is greenish or yellowish that is coming from my ear. It is a cyclical situation, every couple months or so, my ear gets swollen inside, it feels like it's retaining a lot of water, I have excruciating sharp pain that comes on at times for seconds, then goes away, it feels like the wind affects it, wind and cold. Then the pain settles I get a lot of discharge that comes out at night, and a plug of mucus wax- I'm assuming that can be gotten out with a q-tip, after that, which happens once or twice more, it's not as "full" then it just has some discharge here and there and it gets extremely smelly, almost fishy, smell. It smells so bad. All through there's itchiness here and there in my ear, and feels like both ears, and the top of my throat, where throat meets ear junctions. Also, the last time, I was sure I had a severe molar or tooth infection involved because the roof of my mouth- top left side, closest to the top molars was hot, and extremely painful. It's helped me sometimes to relieve the pressure when I've done a lymph massage to bring the fluids down and also heat helps to unplug the plugged and swollen ear, but only sometimes. I went to the ER and the Dr there gave me drops which did nothing basically. He laughed at me when I asked if it could be connected to the lymphatic system, as when I also do pressure points on my jawline, and throat it relieves the pain and helps the fluid comedown it seems. Is there anything I could do that isn't going to cost me a fortune, a specialist or solution, etc? I have no insurance, and do not expect to be part of the big "free healthcare" changes.
what drops did he give you?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

They were antibiotic drops, not sure which ones,

Well from the description of your symptoms, it sounds like you have otitis externa, which is a external ear infection.
In general drops like cortisporin otic is supposed to clear it up.
I would check to see if this was given to you
If not, then ask your doctor for them
If you have take them, you will need to see an ENT surgeon, because you can get other growths in your ear like a cholesteatoma which can cause similar symptoms.
I hope that this helped
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