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Dr. Anil
Dr. Anil, Doctor (MD)
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Have an appt with GI doc tomorrow. Im terrified of this turning

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Have an appt with GI doc tomorrow. I'm terrified of this turning out to be colon cancer. I just realized is that for YEARS I guess I've had chronic constipation. Before my pregnancies, through my pregnancies, after my pregnancies, and up until the past few weeks, I've either had to strain to go and pass pellet like stool, or going would be easy, but I'd pass little pellets. I can't remember the last time I had a "normal" bowel movement, I always considered this "normal' for me, as I have hypothyroidism, even though it's controlled with medication.

For two weeks I've had loose movements in the morning. Sometimes with nausea. I've experienced lack of appetite, fatigue. It seems water runs right through me. No visible blood in stool, abdominal xray, ultrasound are normal (minus 8mm gallstone found on ultrasound). Blood work normal. Stool culture, O&P, H. pylori = normal. HIDA scan scheduled for Tuesday.

Now that I'm having this diarrhea, I'm concerned even MORE that this might be colon cancer, as I've read that early signs of colon cancer are the "normal-for-me" type of stools.

When I had a gallbladder attack last month, my doctor told me to go on a strict "fruits & vegetables only" diet. Well, I did that for about 2 days, and my stools were well formed, and soft and easy to pass. "normal".

My question is - with this information of years of either straining or going easy, but passing pellet like stools - does this seem like colon cancer?
I understand your concern and i want to assure you that chances of colon cancer are less in your case.
In its early stages, someone can have intermittent bleeding,weight loss with colon cancer.
However, colon cancer does not usually cause visible bleeding (it is more commonly microscopic). The stools otherwise appear normal in the early stages of colon cancer (other than the microscopic blood).
As you have already undergone stool culture with no finding of any blood in stool so chances of colon cancer are less.
Other possible causes of such pellet like stools may include Irritable Bowel syndrome,Diverticulosis,Gluten intolerance.
So a stool softener like Methylcellulose supplement ( Citrucel) or metamucil daily with lot of fluids will normalize the bowel movement.
Stress and anxiety can be contirbuting factors as well.

You should ask your doctor for colonoscopy study for further evaluation.

I hope this helps.
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Thank you.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Does a stool culture test for blood? My doctor sent away for one, and I brought one in the office and he did a smear on a card. My diet pretty much stinks, and I'm often dehydrated. I notice that when I increase my water intake, my stools are easier to pass, but still pellets. Do you think my chances of colon cancer are less because of the strict "fruits-and-vegetables" diet I went on last month for a couple of days and my stools were "normal" from bristol stool chart?

Thanks for follow-up.
Stool culture and routine examination can easily detect blood in stool which can be a indication for any serious issues like colon cancer.
And as you have history of dehydration so it can be aggravating factor of such pellet like stools.
As your stool analysis and culture are fine so chances of colon cancer are less.
Even it's good to continue fruits and vegetables along with start metamucil daily with lot of fluids.

I hope this helps.
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Thank you.

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