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I just noticed that I have large bruise on my lower back

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I just noticed that I have large bruise on my lower back about the size of a 4x7 index card. The bruise looks two or three days old and I have no pain and I haven't had any injury to the area. I have no medical problems, but I have had back surgeries in 2005 for herniated discs.
Hi--have you ever had any unexpected bruising before? Do you take any aspirin or ibuprofen?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No, I very rarely ever bruise and when I do it's usually a small one that doesn't last long... so seeing a bruise this large was a little shocking.

I don't usually take any pain meds, I did take 2 midol about a week ago, but other than that I haven't taken any aspirin.

OK. While this may not mean anything serious, especially if it only occurs in one spot, the possible causes for easy bruising include low platelets, liver conditions that affect coagulation factors, and disorders like lymphoma and leukemia. While I do think this is nothing serious in your case, you should see a doctor for some blood work.
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