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Chris C.
Chris C., Nurse
Category: Health
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Experience:  Nurse with with 10+ yrs. in wellness care, geriatrics, hospice and acute care.
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I experience very low blood pressure e.g. 80/50 when for most

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I experience very low blood pressure e.g. 80/50 when for most of my life my blood pressure was 115/70. I can't focus on my work when I have low blood pressure and it is hard to get out of bed.

I have been tested for many things and everything turned out fine - heart, thyroid, vitamins, minerals, etc.

My family doctor said it probably is depression causing the low blood pressure. How is that possible? I don't feel depressed. Yes I am upset I can't work when my blood pressure is low. Even if it was depression, how does depression cause low blood pressure?

Chris C. :

Hello! I will be assisting you today. Low blood pressure can actually be caused by depression or anxiety. I know this seems like it could not be true but here is how it works. Generally stress raises blood pressure, so the only likely cause of low blood pressure is poor breathing. But there may be other causes. Often after periods of intense anxiety the body is left very fatigued, and this can cause low blood pressure in people. Also, depression and low blood sugar may contribute to lower blood pressure, both of which may be related to persistent anxiety.

Chris C. :

It's also important to remember that anxiety can cause your brain to believe in worst case scenarios. It can make you believe that everything must mean something about your physical or mental health. In other words, a low blood pressure reading at a doctor's office may simply be coincidental, but to the anxious mind it means that something is probably wrong with your health. Remember that blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day. Low blood pressure readings may have no meaning whatsoever.


What if I am using a heart monitor recommended by my doctor in continuous mode (reading very 30 minutes) and my blood pressure is 80/50 30% of the time per the graphs/charts generated by the device?

Chris C. :

This can be caused as explained above by the body simply being exhausted from stress. As you describe it this condition is causing significant stress from your reduction in productivity at work so it becomes a continuous cycle.

Chris C. :

Did he not prescribe an anti-depressant?

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