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A. Schuyler, NP, Nurse Practitioner
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This began while at work two months ago. I was working on the

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This began while at work two months ago. I was working on the computer when I noticed my mouse was not moving correctly. I look down to exam it to realize it wasn't my mouse but rather my hand... My hand was numb and not moving. I then went out to a co-worker to explain what was happening only to discover my speech was slurred and was later told the right side of my face was "frozen" I felt a slight swelling of the tongue and my co-worker called 911. About five minutes later all symptoms subsided and although very fatigued all my readings were outstanding. I was taken to the hospital for precaution. I under went a CT, chest x-ray and EKG, all which came back great. I was released and told it was a migraine type episode brought on by anxiety. I was relieved but noticed the right side of my face was still sore and I felt a lot of pressure.A week went by still pressure and then soreness in my legs. They felt like they were swelling but to my surprise nothing was swollen. I went to three doctors for my face pain (under the eye, side of nose and cheek bone) one said it was a sinus infection, one couldn't give me and answer but said it def. was not a sinus infection & the last one said it def. was and put me on an antibiotic... no drainage or anything but the antibiotic seemed to work well. about a month ago I noticed random twitching and my arms becoming sore... It started with an eye twitch which later became a right eye twitch along with a left lip twitch ( not all the time just randomly and much more often than usual) then under my buttock, back and most often in my calves and behind my knees. (like vibrations) I've had an MRI done and all looks great there. I've also had blood work done. They checked my thyroid, my vitamin D as well as everything else. Once again all came back great. I also get burning in my knees and in my calves almost like when you pull a muscle. I have no fever, no swelling, no stiffness, no weakness & no discoloration. The Middle of my buttock is also sore when I stand still or sit. the twitching becomes worse in the calves when I sit (especially on a hard service) or if I stand. If I walk or change positions I can make the twitching stop at that moment. I would love to know what this is... I haven't had any trouble with twitching before and I've been to doctor after doctor... I've either been told the issue was just due to the sinus infection or it's sciatica... but why would sciatica effect my arms (arms don't twitch as often just sore) and face & why would all this accrue after a TIA like/migraine episode? Any help would be greatly appreciated. My eyes were examined for symptoms of MS as well as the MRI. All came back great. I'm having trouble with my eyesight after all this and plan on going to get an eye exam for glasses. I know I have asked this question before but I would like as much clarity as possible. I go back to my primary doctor tomorrow just as a follow up but want to make sure I explain things as well as possible so nothing is missed/overlooked


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Have you been checked for vitamin deficiencies? Some of those can cause muscle twitching that can result in soreness if the muscle twitches often enough. This is common with deficiencies of some vitamins, particularly B12 and even D. Supplements usually solve the problem within two to three months of starting. Your physician may also want to try a mild sedative like amitriptyline at bedtime to see if that helps.


Please let me know if you have questions.


Best regards,




Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes i have both a b12 def. as well as D i have been taking both for about two and a half months. although the twitching and pain has improved its still more common that i would like as it still affects me daily and i wonder why this happnd after the migraine episode. as long as it doesnt sound like anything more serious I can be comfortable with this answer :)I have been looking into BFS as well

Hi there,


Thanks for responding so quickly. The problem is most likely related to the vitamin deficiencies and perhaps your anxiety about it being something more ominous. Most such things are just what they seem to be, especially since you have had a thorough workup and nothing has been found. I would give the vitamins another month or two to see if that helps. By that time they can run another blood test to see what changes have occurred. A low does of amitriptyline can help make sure you have a good night's sleep which can only improve things during the day.


With BFS an intentional movement of the twitching muscle stops the twitching. For instance, if a muscle in your calf is twitching, standing up and raising yourself on your tiptoes will stop the twitching. Likewise, if it is an eyelid, squinting the eye will stop it. It's known that anxiety increases the fasciculations, so try to remain as calm as possible and don't worry about this.


Kind regards,





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