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Today i noticed a few small red mosquito like bumps on my

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today i noticed a few small red mosquito like bumps on my lower back. they are now raised red bumps and are also on my the back of my upper arms. they don't really itch or sting much. an occasional itch but nothing like mosquito, flea or bug bites.
Are they fluid filled?
Since how long have you been suffering from?
Peeling of skin?
Any history of insect bite?
Any other medical history?
Are you taking any medications?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

They don't seem to be fluid filled, they look and feel like insect bites but no pain or itching.

I have just gotten over a cold (for the most part) so I took zinc, vitamin c and Echinacea as well as dayquil.

I just noticed them this evening and there is no peeling.

I have no history of bug/spider bites or any other medical history that would be relevant.

Thanks for providing more information.
As you describe,possible causes may include pityriasis rosea,eczema,Urticaria and allergic dermatitis.
You can try some self care measures like-
You should apply calamine lotion after taking a bath.
And take OTC Claritin.
Wear cotton clothes.
Avoid spicy,fried foods for a while.
Avoid over physical exertion for few days.
If your bumps'll persist more than a week or get spread to other parts of body then you need to be seen by your regular doctor or Dermatologist for further evaluation and management.
I hope this helps.
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Thank you.
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