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I have a presentation at 1040am and got to be in the

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i have a presentation at 1040am and got to be in the location by 8am. My anxiety will start right at 8am and I am thinking of thinking of taking .5mg of xanax at 745am and then another 0.5mg at 1020am. Will this help or create an overdose?
Hi--assuming you've been on the Xanax for a while, the second dose won't create an overdose situation but I would suggest that for the remainder of the day after the presentation you not drive a car
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for the advice. I have started on xanax only about 1 week and will my body become more tolerance to the effects of 0.5mg of xanax.

I took .25mg earlier part of the same week and did not see much effect. In short, what can I do if I want to make sure the medication works for me on the dreadful day. I have another day to go before the day.

Felix, at this point I'd suggest trying the regimen above first and seeing how you do on that. If it works well, just repeat. If not, I'd suggest taking two of the 0.5 tabs together about an hour before the presentation
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks. I will try out the regiment tomorrow and see how my body reacts. Thus far, the effects of .5mg wears out very fast in 2 hours. Is this normal?

That's a little fast for the wear off, but everybody's metabolism is different
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I took 0.5mg of xanax today at 10am the moment I woke up. Worn off by 12pm and started feeling anxious. Dragged it till 13:22 and then pop 1mg of xanax at a go. In 30 mins felt drowsy but still can compose myself and think straight. Reactions are slightly delay. I guess it's stil better than greasing out on stage.
Just don't take any more than that