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I did a few lines of cocaine for the 4th of July weekend.

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I did a few lines of cocaine for the 4th of July weekend. Haven't touched it seance. I have to take a hair test on the 24th of this month. Am I screwed?
Hello and thank you for using JustAnswer/Pearl for your concern

To be completely honest with you, if you only used cocaine one time, and it was a small amount, then you may be lucky and it may not show up. But I cannot of course, guarantee this. Also, if they are using a standard 90 day hair test then it is also likely not to show up, since it will be over 90 days by Oct 24.

A few other facts about hair drug testing:
The hair sample will be first screened for substances in a more routine test called an EIA.. If it is found to be positive, there will be a confirmation test called GC/MS . This is done because false positives are possible on the initial test but it is less expensive to run the EIA test, so a GC/MS is not done unless there is a positive.

External contamination (such as exposure to marijuana or crack smoke) is easily ruled out because the metabolite of the drugs are tested for and metabolite is only produced by the body and not from an environmental contaminant.

Hair test analyze the inside of the hair shaft, so there is no way to adulterate the sample.

I hope this information is helpful for you. Please reply if you have additional questions.
Do you have any additional questions about this or do I need to clarify anything?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Is there anything that I could do to my hair to ensure that I pass the test? Hair detoxing, stripping, bleaching, re-dying etc.
Hi. No, none of that works, because the chemical imprint of the drug is in the core of the hair shaft. Again, you will find information on the internet selling you things that promise to help, but they are simply trying to get your money. But if it has been since July 4th, and that was only one incident of use, you have nothing to worry about if this is a standard hair test.
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