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Does bone marrow depression mean 'weak bones' or are we

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does bone marrow depression mean 'weak bones' or are we talking about actual cancer? Is it common among pregnant women who find themselves still having to take Carbatrol? Can the mother have it and unborn child be ok or can mother be ok and unborn child have it? what would be the most common reason for a pregnant female to reach near toxic level "out of the blue' so to speak when it had never happened before in 12 years time.
Anthony Bray, MD : Hello!
Anthony Bray, MD : i suspect that your bone marrow suppression has been a result of the seizure medication.
Anthony Bray, MD : i suspect that you may be switched to a different seizure medicine due to this...

Maybe. possible bone marrow depression. Mentioned new medication. Not sure if to wait until after pregnancy.

Anthony Bray, MD : the bone marrow suppression does not mean that you have weak bones but rather the blood cell productions are not up to where they should be ( red cells, white cells and platelets)
Anthony Bray, MD : so the bone marrow suppression is potentially very serious and must be monitored closely!!
Anthony Bray, MD : it is reassuring that your baby looks fine by ultrasound so far!

so it's suppression not depression?


Yes. Kidneys...liver...heart...heartbeat....all seems fine. Neuro. appt today worried me. Dr. made it seem

Anthony Bray, MD : the EEG has nothing to do with your blood but rather would be analyzing your brain wave activity... This looking for background seizure activity which may still be occurring but not going to full blown seizures...

pressing but yet this was bloodwork from 7/30.

Anthony Bray, MD : Well the more recent blood work would be of course very significant to making decisions...

I guess just wants to have EEG. Is it something they need to specifically look for or would it just show up?


I'm sure the neuro lab and ob/gyn lab are different.

Anthony Bray, MD : viral infections can temporarily suppress bone marrow production of cells for example but it is rarely reported with your seizure medicine so this must be considered a suspect...
Anthony Bray, MD : Well it would be routine to monitor your brain wave activity with you having seizure activity and being in this medication. If they need to change meds too it helps to give a helpful baseline for future comparison...
Anthony Bray, MD : this is really a separate concern vs your low blood counts/ bone marrow suppression...

That's good to know. Rarely. I was just worried. Is there anything that would make levels shoot up like that just out of the blue? Oh. ok. thankyou. I couldn't figure out where the EEG was so important. He wanted it today. but we has to schedule for Tues.

Anthony Bray, MD : I hope that this helps! Let me know if you have further questions! I will be happy to get back with you!

had to schedule....sorry.

Anthony Bray, MD : i hope things go well for you!!
Anthony Bray, MD : best regards,
Anthony Bray, MD : Anthony Bray MD

thankyou. yes if feel better.

Anthony Bray, MD : Ok-- good -- Take Care!!
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