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I have a slightly elevated MPV of 11, NE 6.8 and MO 0.7. I'm

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I have a slightly elevated MPV of 11, NE 6.8 and MO 0.7. I'm 33 years old 5'2 and 120lb. I had a mammogram and an ultrasound done couple weeks ago because of a lump in my right breast. I have an appointment with a surgeon end of the months but I just wondering if the complex cyst can cause the elevation of MPV, NE and MO?
I am not familiar with the acronyms- MPV, NE or MO. I am from the USA
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I'm from Canada...

Ok I can look this up for you tonight or I can opt out and see if someone from canada can help you faster.
your call.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you. I appreciate it.

Ok hang in there
Thanks for waiting
Normal platelet counts range from 150,000-350,000 with the MPV measured in a 7.5-11.5 range. So your range is normal for the MPV (mean platelet volume)
It just means that your platelets are a little on the large side- this can happen in the setting of a recent infection- your body has reved up the bone marrow production, and this includes platelets.
It is hard to interpret the neutrophils (NE) and monocytes (MO) without the white blood cell count or the range for your labs- but these can fluctuate in infection as well- a viral infection can cause a lower NE and MO count and a bacterial one can cause elevated NE .

Either way, these labs have nothing to do with the complex cyst in your breast.

I hope that this helped

please leave positive feedback if it did :-)
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