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Im 25 years old pharmacist (pharm.d) and im very paranoid

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im 25 years old pharmacist (pharm.d) and im very paranoid over my liver function tests and hepatits c. i have loads of informations about different diseases and these informations made me mad and its affecting my regular life and i cant do anything about story is like once i was on a tourist trip to india and i went to a barber shop and accidentally the barber used some mettalic apparatus for removing the blackhead on me when my eyes were close ( he said he didnt used that on me but i dont trust him) also have a fatty liver disease which comes back to the time which i was student and it was so severe that time but its much better now , after 5-6 weeks of incident on my regular check up for LFT my alt was 120 ast was 48 ( which these numbers are very good numbers for me since they were much higher 2 years ago) hcv-ab neg hbsag neg. then 8 weeks after incident i checked for hcv antibody which was negative. then i went on diet to loos some weight , after 4 months of barber incident the alt rised to 140 ast 48 ( which i think is due to the diet). then after 2 weeks i changed the laboratory i tested again the result was alt 100 ast 47 and a bit rise in billirubin which i think is due to gilbert (as my physician said : direct : 0.5 indirect 1.0). now 2 months passed i have no symptoms no problem regularly doing exercise no problem at all. do u think that these fluctuations are due to hepatitis c acute infection?


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As you know, the risk of transmission for HCV occurs when blood from an infected person enters your body. This is most often from shared needles when using illegal drugs. Any tool the barber used would have been clean before use.

Your fluctuating levels of AST and ALT are most likely from fatty liver disease. Gilbert's syndrome doesn't cause increases in LFTs, only in bilirubin.

Checking liver tests more often than every 3 months or so is a waste of time and money, since it takes that long for any meaningful change to be reflected in the numbers. I would wait until at least 3 months after obtaining a normal body weight to check LFTs. You should also maintain a healthy diet even afterwards to make sure diet isn't influencing your levels.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Best regards,



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

so i assume that if it was hepatits c acute phase the alt level must be much higher?

With acute HCV infection ALT is often in the(###) ###-####U.L range. If one has HCV, the anti-HCV antibodies appear within 6 months of infection. If it has been 6 months since the episode at the barber, you can be tested and feel certain of no HCV if the test is negative.

If you have no symptoms (jaundice, dark-colored urine, overwhelming fatigue) there is little to no chance that you have HCV, especially since the risk of infection by the route you mentioned is practically nonexistent.



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