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I have one sort of big bump on the right side of my Vagina

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I have one sort of big bump on the right side of my Vagina l lip. At first it looked like it could be a razor bump or pimple then it got a head on it but it won't pop so I guess it could be an open sore. Then I noticed a smaller one just like the big one on the other lip. Also it hurts when I pee but idk if it's a uti cause I don't have any urgency. Please help me I really hope it's not herpes. What other std can cause this?
Hi What do you mean by an open sore- does it look like an ulcer?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
It looks like a pimple with a big yellowish green head that can't be popped I tried but a little blood would come out around the sides but never in the middle I just googled what ulcer looked like maybe but not that big or yucky looking
well an ulcer doesn't have a skin top on it- it looks like a crater and it is really sore. is that what it looks like? Can you upload a pic?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Yeah it doesn't have any skin and it's not that sore it barely hurts and I'm on my cell so I don't think I can upload a pic
Hi Erica
It doesn't sound like herpes or any STD, for that matter.
It sounds like you have an infected hair gland which then got unroofed (the skin can off the top). I would apply antibiotic ointment on 2x a day after washing with warm water and soap. You can apply a warm compress on the area 30 minutes at time for 3 x a day.
Don't shave or wax or anything until it resolves.
If it gets more swollen or painful, then you need to see a doctor. Sometimes the cysts in the entrance to the vagina can get infected- bartholin cysts and they need to be treated by a doctor- drained...

I hope that this helped.
please leave positive feedback if it did :-)
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