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On yesterday I voided and after wiping,I noticed bright red

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Hello, on yesterday I voided and after wiping,I noticed bright red blood on tissue, a good amt. I knew I was not starting my cycle,because It was not close to time. And that always start with pink spots. This was bright red blood that require more tissue. So the next time I used mirror to investigate. I don't see blood in urine,but at end of voiding when last drips come out'omg its all blood..noticed before some slight discomfort down there at star of voiding,but not always. Only other symptoms for weeks now is sometimes seems my urine comes out slower than before. Anxious as to what it COULD mean
Hi--no abdominal or back pain or fever?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no abdominal pain,and no fever. I've had ocasssional low back discomfort for a couple of years

Shelley--you need to have this checked out right away. It could just be a simple bladder infection without too much in the way of symptoms, but it could be from a kidney inflammation or a bladder polyp. Your doctor will need to get a urinalysis and an ultrasound of the kidneys and bladder
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