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I've had this on and off for years, and just this morning

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I've had this on and off for years, and just this morning had the worst episode I've ever experienced. I will first off state that I do have general anxiety, but there doesn't seem to be any mental catalyst that triggers these physiological responses. It always seems to start with a sudden oncoming of feeling lightheaded which gets progressively worse, and very uncomfortable. I've try and remain calm, but no amount of relaxation or steady breathing techniques seem to curb it, which is why I'm convinced it's not anxiety related, but rather an anxiety inducer. The lightheaded feeling than leads to a chest tightness and the feeling of restricted breathing (which used to send me into full blown panic attacks). This feeling of lightheadedness and constricted breathing will last for sometimes hours, until finally, I will begin to start burping up which seems to be air. After repeated burping up of said air, the feelings of the loopy-lethargic-lightheadedness begins to subside a bit, and I'm left with a feeling of fatigue and dry mouth and sometimes a feeling of my eyes burning. I've had a CT of my digestive track, and everything seemed to be okay. This doesn't come with a feeling of heartburn, acid reflux etc.. So, I really am baffled as to what exactly is causing this. I've seen a couple of doctors that spend about 2 minutes talking to me and just say "eh, acid reflux from anxiety, have a nice day". These episodes come on very sporadically, and with seemingly no catalyst, it in no way coincides with times of stress or anger (which you would think it would be the most prevalent if it was induced by anxiety). Anyway, sorry for the long winded inquiry, but I'm just really at my wits end with this life hindering condition, whatever it may be. Thank you for reading. -Tony
Do you have lightheadedness while changing position from sitting to standing?
Do you feel stuffy nose,clogged ears?
Neck stiffness?
What is your occupation?
Duration of symptoms?
Have you monitored your blood pressure and blood sugar levels?
Alcohol and smoking history?
Thanks dear.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi, no problem. I recently had my blood pressure checked from both lying down and again to a standing position, BP checked out fine. During the same examination, the doctor did notice i had a bit of fluid in my left ear in particular and sent me off with an antihistamine. This is roughly 2 weeks ago. I do have a lot of chronic muscle tension, especially on the left side of my body. I work from home on the computer most of the day, but I've had these symptoms since I was much younger and a lot more active as an athlete or in more physical demanding jobs as well. Symptoms of these episodes seem to last anywhere for a few hours to sometimes sporadically for days on end. I haven't had one in months, but at this point at 31 years old, I really am at my wits end with it. Oh, I don't drink often, maybe a beer or two during football games etc., no drug use, I'm not on any script meds. No caffeine. A relatively healthy diet. I do however, smoke quite heavily. probably nearly 2 packs a day. (I did cut it down to under a pack a few months ago, and am slowly tapering off completely, I hope). Oops, missed your blood sugar levels Q, my last blood panel came back normal. But they were just checking for possible vitamin deficiency since I work inside all day in sunless Washington State. :(

Thanks for providing additional information.
I understand your concern and it's my pleasure to help you in every aspect.
As per your description,fluid in ear,chronic muscle tension/stiffness,benign Paroxysmal positional vertigo can be contributing factor in lightheadedness.
Even prolonged hours of sitting in front of computer,poor posture can cause lightheadedness.
As you are suffering from last few years so tilt table test,ear examination,Ct scan Head should be advised in your case.
Migraine can be another possible cause.
I agree you than sometimes physical cause can aggravate anxiety resulting in panic attack.
However psychotherapy can be effective in your case.
Take short breaks of rest while doing your work at computer.
And do gentle massage with muscle relaxant ointment as well.
I admire your efforts to limit your smoking consumption and it 'll give you positive results.
You should do aerobic exercises.
You can take OTC Dramamine if you feel lightheadedness.
And consult your doctor again for proper diagnosis and management.
Hope this helps.
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