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Im not doing well at all doc, yesterday was bad and today

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hi doc im not doing well at all doc, yesterday was bad and today terrible and i must move again, i really dont know what is going on i feel depressed and anxious but at the same time the trippy thing there still and im shatterd and dont want to go out ,just want to wake up tomo. to read it is very hard doc all i know was at 300 i felt the best and lasted longest but at the same time the golf at 5 wks was too much and gave it 5 days later and i was on couch for most of it, at present
Peter--what about the sinus problem?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

seen gp doc and he said its not to bad not infected so gave me a corisanoid or something like that to be sprayed 2 puffs a day, to open the vesicules that he thinks fluid is in, but i dont think this is causing my messed up mood doc.usually at 8 days im picking up, but yet im not,im on right track i think as there are signs i seen before like lights on cars glowing a bit and im more on earth than i was but no energy whatsoever like im pulled into it but not as much as on higher amts it subtle but there,i feel like going back to 300 doc but why didnt it catch me was it slightly to high or slightly to low , i dunno or did i just do to much that day too soon, anyhow doc i not on right amt now and cant face another day like the last 3 especially today, on 8 days now , its time to come down i think

OK Peter--but drop down just as little as possible here. I think we need to go very slowly with this--drop down a little and hold there for as long as possible. What we need to do is to try not to seesaw with the dose and keep it steady for as long as possible. I know that can be hard sometimes for you but I think you need to bite the bullet and hold on just as long as possible. Please get to me before you make any more changes and we'll see if I can hold you to the same dose for a little longer
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok doc will do,hope we are going in the right direction doc i hate feeling this bad and not knowing really what is happening, i just hope i get some relief and some progress soon so we can get this over with .ill drop to the 306 tomoro doc , and is it the more lightly secenario that the 300 was just a tiny bit short

OK Peter--let me know just as soon as you can how that new dose does
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