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I overdosed on Ambien and Ativan about three years ago. I have

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I overdosed on Ambien and Ativan about three years ago. I have been on disability since then. Could I have done myself ongoing harm; my depression seems unresponsive to medication changes etc, and my bipolar no longer cycles. --Tracy
Well, if you over dosed on medication, you decreased the amount of oxygen in the blood supply to the brain for a certain amount of time.
The chemistry and circuits of your brain have changed
Therefore you may notice, as you did, that your thinking is different- as well as your mental illness
There is nothing to do now other than work with what you have
This is not ongoing- this was a fixed event.

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Hi Tracy
why did you rate this poor service?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I felt the depth of information returned to me was not acceptable.

what information would you like? I would like this to be a satisfactory experience
Please note that I am limited to what you tell me. I cannot examine you and I don't have access to medical records.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Is there a common outcome to this type of overdose? TIAs, seizures, percent damage etc that I could start looking at? I have been one step above suicidal since this incident (safe but agoraphobic and anxious) and nothing seems to help. I am looking for an organic issue at this point. Thank you.

Have you had a functional MRI?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I don't remember anything they did in ICU. I went straight to in patient and haven't had any testing since then. looks like this is more than an internet question, huh?

Got it
Well brain damage can be subtle
Severe damage would be seizure, stroke, etc.
But mild damage can be irritability, distraction, memory issues, difficulty thinking etc
I would suggest that you get a functional MRI to see if there is any significant organic damage to the brain- certain areas would not light up as expected.
If there is none, then perhaps that may be reassuring that you didn't cause much damage and you can work to getting better. If there some damage, then now you know and then go from there.

I hope that this helped

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