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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Doctor (MD)
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Hi. Im 46 Caucasian F who has just been diagnosed with Chronic

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Hi. I'm 46 Caucasian F who has just been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney disease Stage 3a. My eGFR is 48. I did not have risk factors for CKD, though my GP Dr. believes heavily prescribed antidepressants/tranquilizers may have caused the problem.

Now we have found that I have hypertension and slight anemia, probably due to the effects of the CKD.

My question is, in general, is it okay to go on a modified body CLEANSE , the kind that emphasizes "clean" whole foods, no additional supplements, except for an optional probiotic. This program is designed by a clinical nutritionist (registered) who provides clients with 9 online modules, that she encourages you to take at your own pace. She doesn't describe healing crises nor does she advocate her program for ameliorating any diseases.

I haven't yet received any nutritional information from my Dr,but I would follow this cleanse using the general guidelines from a renal nutritionist, such as total recommend amounts of Sodium, potassium, calories, etc. ,I'd just calculate these based on the Cleanse Program's food outlines - all the food is organic, regular food. We are helped to stop cravings for sugar, fast food, etc.

So, in theory, can a person with Stage 3a CKD, handle a cleanse that uses probiotics , along with real food and 1 meal or snack a day based on pure fruit and vegetable smoothies/juice, or is cleansing off the table for patients with CKD?

I look forward to your answer.

Hi--can you give me some idea about the modules themselves?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Dr. Chip, unfortunately, I cannot access the modules without signing up for the program. It's designed by Kimberly Synder, best selling author of the book The Beauty Detox. She believes in lots of veggies, fruit, and is herself vegan, though she does not operate by pushing people to the place she has progress to. Rather, she believes that small health improvements over time are better than none or a radical 100% revamp, and also add up to better health.


Her primary 'concern' is with proper digestion. As you know, more studies are coming out regarding the importance of a properly flora balance and healthy gut for improved immunity, emotional health (Serotonin) digestion, etc.

Like I said, she doesn't advocate any pills or concoctions, except for the possibility of a probiotic pill, taken once a day (there are no other herbal, vitamin, etc., supplements). I, myself, am a researcher but can't really find information about this issue for kindeys. I know from experience that detoxs can be harsh on the system and bring on a lot of unpleasant symptoms.


Kimberly's type of detox (I'm don't even know if she uses this word, maybe not, I forget) does not seem like the kind she is advocating ie., just jump into all liquids, potions, no caffeine, sugar, or processed foods from the get go.


There's a 1/2 hr or more video intro to this program that I saw and I did not detect anything there that made me feel uncomfortable about following such a program.


However, I am completely new to having CKD, hypertension, obesity and anemia. I know the kidneys filtrate out a lot of toxins, but I don't know if a cleanse like this (i.e., gentle, clean foods, self scheduled based on how you are feelings or how fast you want to see results) would or could affect the Kidneys. Maybe it will help them to get rid of the gook; maybe it would damage them. I just don't have a clue. I know I would not, however, do a cleanse that involved supplements -- again, as long as a probiotic is ok for me -- of any kind, strange, exotic foods and so on. I know at least that much! :-)


Hope this helps.


OK. From what you've told Me I see no problem with this nutritional program including the probiotics. It sound for the most part as nutritious without extra salt of an overabundance of protein. I would recommend it but you should always check with your doctor before you start
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your reply. That really helps. I can view the modules over a couple of months and bring suggestions to my Dr(s).

There is one more thing I forgot to ask about. I remember that Kimberly (like a lot of alternative health care professionals) recommends drink a warm cup of 1/2 lemon and water.


Again, would this be ok for the kidneys to have, everyday? It's supposed to help with digestion and elimination (I do have medication induced constipation that's pretty bad).


Thanks Dr. Chip,



My pleasure Autumn and absolutely no problem with the lemon water--it does help digestion and won't harm your kidneys
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