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Last Thursday, I fell, rolling my left ankle to the ground

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Good morning. Last Thursday, I fell, rolling my left ankle to the ground and back from about 2 1/2" heels. I fell to the ground on my right knee and elbow. I've been icing my ankle and took some NSAIDs over the weekend - my ankle is a little swollen but much less painful. My left knee and hip flexor however are really achy. Related, probably? Thank you! And what may I do for them?
Hi--tell me more about your knee and hip
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Knee doesn't feel sore when walking, biking, or zumba. Neither does my hip necessarily but sitting here at my desk, or even laying down to sleep, the outer part of my knee aches all the way to my hip. My hip just aches too. Not a throbbing or stabbing pain. Aching.

Any bruising at all Kim?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My outer left ankle is a teensy bit discolored - and funny enough, I have a bruise on my upper left thigh. Two of them, maybe the size of a dime and quarter.

OK Kim. I think you just sprained the vastus lateralis muscle but doesn't sound serious as in a major tear or a hematoma there. At this point no need for major therapy but I would avoid any exercises right now that continue to aggravate the area. It may take a few more days of rest, moist heat, and some ibuprofen but I think this will soon resolve itself
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