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Anthony Bray, MD
Anthony Bray, MD, Doctor
Category: Health
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Experience:  14 years as clinician in the field of Family Practice
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I'm experiencing a mystery pain in my right calf, just below

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I'm experiencing a mystery pain in my right calf, just below my knee. It hurts when I touch it, and when I lay down the area hurts when it lays on the bed. It happened all of a sudden, but there's no redness or warmth or even swelling that I can see. I have a family history of blood clots so I'm concerned about that. I'm 22, slightly overweight, and I do sit down at a desk a lot, and also stand on my feet for hours at a time.
Anthony Bray, MD : Hello!
Anthony Bray, MD : i think that you are right that the major potential concern with the sudden onset calf pain would be the potential for a blood clot ( DVT = deep vein thrombosis )
Anthony Bray, MD : Other reasons for pain here may include a muscle injury --- strained muscle for example... A strained muscle might occur as a result of an injury with activity( strenuous walking, running, climbing stairs, lifting or working out as possible causes ) if a muscle strain then this is most often a minor injury or nuisance event...
Anthony Bray, MD : the risk of a clot or DVT is increased if you are very inactive. The family history would be a concern here as you might have an inherited coagulopathy that makes your blood too easy to clot ....

Whenever I stand up it feels like something is pulling within the area. It almost feels like I pulled a muscle but at the same time it doesn't quite feel like when I've pulled a muscle before.


Whenever I press on the area it feels exactly like how a bruise would feel.

Anthony Bray, MD : DVT of the calf is more likely to have some swelling associated with it. It would commonly cause some redness and the calf to be tender to touch....( early after the occur acne of DVT. may be less likely to reveal such signs) it usually would hurt to lift the foot upward( causes pain in the calf)

Yeah I don't have any pain when lifting my foot, and I don't notice any swelling? There's no redness or varicose veins at all, and mostly it's just the pain. It's not a severe pain. More of an annoyance.

Anthony Bray, MD : Right, I see... I would advise that you have this checked further by a doctor today!! If there is fear if a DVT then a blood test >> D- diner helps to quickly determine if you have abnormal clotting in your system ... An ultrasound of the legs can quickly determine if a DVT is present....
Anthony Bray, MD : It sounds more likely to be a muscle strain in your case but I advise having it checked to be on the safe side!!

Alright. I was just about to ask if you thought I should go ahead and get it checked out, so that's what I'll do.



Anthony Bray, MD : Taking an anti- inflammatory and rest would benefit a muscle strain...
Anthony Bray, MD : You are very welcome!

I'll do that then. Will tylenol or aceteminophin work?


Or would ibuprofin be better?

Anthony Bray, MD : I hope that this indeed does prove to be a simple and minor muscle strain as I suspect that it will. I hope that you feel better soon!
Anthony Bray, MD : Let me know if you have further questions! I will be happy to get back with you!
Anthony Bray, MD : if my answer has been helpful and to your satisfaction then please remember to leave positive feedback. That would be much appreciated . Thank you and best regards ,
Anthony Bray, MD : Anthony Bray MD
Anthony Bray, MD : Either are fine.... I would probably go with Aleve or Ibuprofen...
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