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Dr. Brims
Dr. Brims, U.S. Licensed Physician
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 9616
Experience:  U.S. Licensed Physician, general surgery and internal medicine experience
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Itchy irritated skin, red bumps come and go and more obvious

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Itchy irritated skin, red bumps come and go and more obvious at night. My wrists, neck, head and ankles and waist, burning itching feeling at night

Dr. Brims :

Hello, welcome to the site! My name isXXXXX will try to assist you with your medical question and any medical information you seek.

Dr. Brims :

I'm sorry to hear about this

Dr. Brims :

When did this start?

Customer: About a month I thought it was dry skin but now at night it's horrible and I realize its not normal
Dr. Brims :

Do you have any medical conditions or take any medication?

Customer: I have no health problems except blood pressure , I take no meds nothing else
Dr. Brims :

What have you tried for this so far?

Customer: I'm sorry I meant I take meds for blood pressure
Customer: Hot showers, lotions change bedding every day
Dr. Brims :

Have you tried cortisone cream?

Customer: Yes slight relief but still a problem
Dr. Brims :

You may have an allergic reaction, but I strongly suspect it may also be scabies, which is caused by a mite

Customer: I thought that it was scabies I work around a dog and children
Dr. Brims :

Unfortunately, I think you are correct

Customer: Would I be able to get a prescription for the scabies
Dr. Brims :

Unfortunately, we cannot prescribe medication on this site due to privacy and legal reasons

Customer: Do you know where I can get one?
Dr. Brims :

It must be provided by a doctor, you may call your doctor for an appointment, or go to an urgent care center, or call a telemedicine company to call you in a prescription

Customer: Okay thanks!
Dr. Brims :

You're quite welcome

Dr. Brims :

If you have no other questions you may click a rating button to end this chat session

Dr. Brims :

If you still have questions please feel free to ask

Dr. Brims :


Dr. Brims :

If you have no other questions would you mind clicking a rating button?

Customer: Sorry, you were a great help, take care!
Dr. Brims :

Same to you

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