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I have a question fro a radiation oncologist

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I have a question fro a radiation oncologist
Hello and welcome, I am happy to help you today.

There are no online radiation oncologist right now. But I can help you.
May I know your question?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am considering surgery for a squamous cell carcinoma tumor unser the skin surface on the bridge of my nose. I am facing 2 additional plastic surgeries after that. This have been termed as major surgery. Following these surgeries I am to have 6 weeks of radiation therapy----with all of the horrors that some with that. The plastic guy said the radiation could have a negative effect upon his work. With surgery I am looking at prominent scars on my forehead where they will take a flap of skin and on my nose and an assurance that the nose with not look like my own and that it definitely has had a lot of work.

My question is if just radiation therapy would be a better option and what would be the down side.

You may opt for radiation therapy / radiotherapy as a primary option of treating the cancer if you would want o avoid the primary excision surgery and the following plastic surgeries. This is a good option for people who are either not fit for surgery or surgery is extensive and difficult.
Radiation therapy can also be used for lesions that recur after a primary surgical approach. The same area cannot be treated twice and so, if there is a recurrence, surgery is required, which may be more difficult than if the lesion had been removed surgically to start with.

However, the downside is that if there is tumor recurrence after radiotherapy, surgical excision is not possible.

You should not be worried about the cosmetic / plastic surgeries as these will help to build up your nose. You can also get a "rhinoplasty" , a kind of surgery done to reconstruct your nose after the tumor has been removed.

So, the bottomline would be to get the surgery done to excise the tumor than radiotherapy and reconstruct your nose with rhinoplasty.

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Dr. Bora.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If there were a reoccurance post radiation there could not be f/u radiation?

No, you will need surgery then.
If there is no recurrence, radiatherapy is curative for most sqamous cell cancers.of the skin.

I hope my answer has helped you. Please leave behind a positive feedback if you liked my answer to give credit for my time and expertise. Bonuses are warmly appreciated.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

my question is----if I have successful radiation treatment for this skin cancer w/o having had any surgery---if the cancer comes back in the same place----can I have the radiation therapy again?

No, you cannot have radiation therapy again. You will need surgery then.
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