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I have had a sinus infection for 10 days and am finished with

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I have had a sinus infection for 10 days and am finished with my medication today (Bactrim). Anyhow, on Monday, two days ago, I woke up with a fever of 100.3 and felt achy and just plain sick. Like I had a stomach virus. I took some tylenol and the fever went down to normal in the morning. This afternoon, it is 99.1. I feel kind of tired and achy. Could I have another virus even though I am taking an antibiotic? Is 99.1 normal?
Hi--the Bactrim was for a bacterial and not a sinus infection. As for what's going on now, unless you still are having sinus infection symptoms with sinus congestion and headache and nasal discharge, then the infection is likely cleared. 99.1 isn't considered a fever. You may now have a stomach virus which may take a few days to run its course or you could be coming down with the flu. I suggest for now plenty of fluids, extra vitamin C, and some zinc supplements with rest to see how things go over the next few days
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