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My daughter (18yrs old) came back from our carribean

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HI daughter (18yrs old) came back from our carribean vacation with pin worms in her rectum. They were visible to her PCP and she took a medication (1 pill and then another one 2 wks later), which seemed to take care of the issue. Now there's me.....I have had occasional rectal itching, but more importantly, my sinus cavity has had a tickling sensation which is also causing stuffiness, substantial post nasal dripping, etc.. I originally thought it might just be allergies. But the tickling/itching continues and I'm sneezing often. I'm wondering if I might have pinworms in my nasal cavity. My daughter's PCP had said that pinworms can be found in several areas of a of which is the nasal passage. Note, I haven't seen a doctor for this as of yet. I'd like to learn more before going to a Doc and just having them tell me I'm nuts....any thoughts or guidance or info you can share would be greatly appreciated!
Hi--have you never had these symptoms before?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Nope.....I do have Lupus and systemic Scleroderma which obviously as a result of medications, lowers my immune system capabilities. So I tend to wait to see a doctor for new things (I see doctors so often for everything else!).

I rarely sneeze, but recently have had tickles deep up in my nose which cause several sneezes. My head feels like my sinuses are stuffed up and I have thick post nasal drip. I tried Mucinex D to see if I could break things up, but I can't seem to help the stuffiness.

Also, I forgot to mention that I've had very loose stools for quite some time too.

OK--no, Darlene, pinworms to not invade the nasal cavities and it really doesn't sound like you have them anywhere anyway. The loose stools need attention though if it hasn't been done already with a stool sampling for fat analysis and culture to see if there's a problem with an infectious colitis or a malabsorption condition. It does sound, though as if you might have a sinus infection so it would be best to see your doctor about all this
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