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This last weekend I bruised a couple ribs. Today all morning

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Hello: So this last weekend I bruised a couple ribs. Today all morning It has felt like something is moving under my ribs its not a gas pain. Its just a weird feeling. I do have a cleaning business and have been working hard not sure if I just over did it or something else is going on also have pain in lower abdomen right side that comes and goes that has been going on for awhile. On wednesday there was a very small amount of blood in stool. I am self employed and dont have insurance so I don't like going to the doctor unless it serious. Do you have any ideas why i might be feeling these pains. Thanks for your help.
The something in your ribs--like a crackling maybe? Any shortness of breath? Are these ribs on the right side like the abdominal pain?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes kind of crackling feeling. Yes I am having shortness of breath today this

week I have been doing pretty good, but yesterday I did work really hard. I like to go on a hike today but am kind of worried. Maybe there just healing not sure. The ribs are on my left side not the same as abdominal pain.

OK--in general even fractured ribs are not dangerous, just painful but the crackling could be from the edges of a fracture grinding together. Still nothing too serious but there is the potential of a sharp fracture edge puncturing the lung. If you're having significant shortness of breath you need a chest x-ray to rule out a pneumothorax. Blood in the stool could just be from hemorrhoids but really that needs to be evaluated to make sure that's all it is and not a polyp or inflammatory bowel disease. All in all, Amber, I wish I could tell you just to sit tight and let all this ride itself out, but you've got to see a doctor about this just to play things safe.
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