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My blood pressure was 113/80 half an hour after going for a

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My blood pressure was 113/80 half an hour after going for a 20-min walk with cardio intervals. I last took my 12.5 mg of HCTZ (a diuretic pill that I'm only supposed to take 2-3 x a week) on Tuesday. I last walked on Sunday!
A few minutes later, it was 131/78. Is that a wide fluctuation? I did not get up nor walk around, just sat here. I am extremely tired right now, though.
I've been eating more veggies and fruits but mostly supplementing with vitamins C, E, B-complex, magnesium glycinate and selenium, iron. Vitamin E and the B complex vitamins I have been taking on a near daily basis.
911Doctor :

These numbers are not concerning

911Doctor :

Without symptoms these would be considered quite normal

911Doctor :

and the fluctuation is not wide

911Doctor :

actually it's a good thing that your pressure can be towards the low side

911Doctor :

as that is protective of your heart

911Doctor :

I understand that you are tired

911Doctor :

but that has nothing to do with your blood pressure

911Doctor :

standing by

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yesterday morning, I awoke, went to the bathroom, washed my face, brushed my blood pressure was 150/103. A minute later it was 154/89. Thinking that it was an unusual reading (as I've never seen the diastolic reading that high)and something was wrong with my monitor, I tried it again the next day.

This morning, I took my blood pressure after awakening and going to the bathroom, washing my face, brushing my teeth. It was 155/103. A minute later it was 139/88.

Both nights I've awoken after only 4 hours of sleep. Is an intermittent diastolic number over 100 something to worry about?

I've gotten an allergy or cold and sneezing a lot...could that be part of the problem? With the stress of my two jobs, I'm getting very overworked and hyper, unable to go the bathroom or take a break to eat meals, unable to rest properly. Haven't had time to go to the gym this whole week, nor have been taking my vitamins/supplements due to stress