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My GFR on my lab results was >60 and my lab works also

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My GFR on my lab results was >60 and my lab works also points to anemia. Does this sound like CKD?
This is what I see on my lab results:
Glomerular Filtration Rate >60 beside that is a flag that says M1
When you drop down to M1 it says Interpretation for Chronic Kidney Disease:
Stage 1&2 >60 Healthy or potential kidney damage. Mild decrease in GFR.
Stage 3 30-59 Moderate decrease of GFR.
Stage 4 15-29 Severe decrease of GFR.
Stage 5 <15 Kidney failure or on dialysis.
On my blood work it also flagged my MPV and my RSW SD saying that they were low.
For a little background when I was born I did have small valve on my kidneys and I was told that my bladder wasn't emptying all the way. They said I would eventually grow out of it by the time I was 13 but I wonder if that caused urine to go back up into my kidneys causing damage. I also have a history of cysts. As far as family history goes, two of my cousin suffer from kidney issues such as kidney stones. The reason I am asking is because I have been trying for two weeks now to discuss my results with my doctor but have not been able to get through to do so. Thank you.
Anthony Bray, MD : Hello!


Anthony Bray, MD : Well your report of your GFR , was normal if only reported as>60...

Okay. I was just worried because I don't understand why it would be flagged if it was normal.

Anthony Bray, MD : North of 60 is where you want to be... At your age it should be much higher than 60 and I suspect that it is...
Anthony Bray, MD : what type cysts in your family history --- renal cysts ? Polycystic renal disease,or ovarian cysts??
Anthony Bray, MD : The other two indicators that you noted are minor indicators and I feel would be very unlikely to have any significance from any need for further tests or treatment if any kind...

Personally I have had ovarian cysts, cysts on my knee and cysts on my lower abdomen.

Anthony Bray, MD : MPV is mean or average platelet size ... As long as your platelet count were normal I would not really be concerned with this indicator....
Anthony Bray, MD : the other indicator has to do with the average size of your red cells...

Okay. Thank you for your time.

Anthony Bray, MD : with you stating a history of anemia this may be corrected as you do not report findings of low hematocrit or low hemoglobin with this blood work...
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