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I think I strained a muscle in my left forearm to where it

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I think I strained a muscle in my left forearm to where it may have herniated or torn. I think it was the flexor digitorum profundus, according to an anatomical diagram I looked at. It is on the inside of my forearm, opposite my elbow, at the indentation where I flex my arm, and where most of my blood donations are taken. After a 2 week period of healing I may have reinjured it, but in this instance there was a large area of yellowing that appeared under the skin all around it. There's a slight bulge there, but it doesn't hurt when I press on it. It seems to be getting better like before, but I'm wondering about the yellowing, which didn't show after the first time.
Hi--this started out as yellowing and not the black and blue of a bruise?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes, and it may even be dissipating right now as the yellow color I saw before is not as strong.

How's the function of your forth and fifth fingers? Was the bulge there from the beginning?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

All fingers are functioning fine. I only get a twinge of pain if I pick something up the wrong way. I've been carrying things in my right hand so my left would not be unduly strained. There may have been a smaller bulge at the crook of my arm from the numerous blood donations I made in my life, but it appears slightly larger than before; not painful when I press on it. What's the cause of the yellowing? Did I break a blood vessel, or tear something?

Well it sounds like all will be well in time. You likely tore a small part of the muscle itself and not the tendon and there was a hematoma--pool of blood--deep inside the muscle that now has made its way near the surface but producing a yellow, oldish bruise like sign instead of the usual black and blue. The lump is the hematoma and that will be reabsorbed in time. So long as you hand function is fine this is not something that's going to cause any long term problem Charles
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