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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Doctor (MD)
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hi doc its me here, doc i tried so hard on the 325 again and

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hi doc its me here, doc i tried so hard on the 325 again and did good for first 5 days but on the 5th eve i started to really bad, day 6 i was awful and getting very down and anxiety and day 7 i was in bed all day and was feeling and wanting to commit suicide, but fighting with myself to come out of it, i couldnt take it any more so i move up just 5 mg and straight away i felt really good, think thats all i needed but i overhot it by a mile,all this moving around is killing me but it is so hard doc i feel lost and terrified but on day 4 now and im seeing some familar signs again but change very quickly back to darkness and suicide thoughts , i just hope ive the strenght to keep going now and see the light come back and i want you to be with me doc,please god i have the strenght , my gut feels right track now but my head is weery, i see that trippy stuff happiening a little but it only for few minutes now then gone and not as strong i hope it goes soon,
Hey Peter. So tell me exactly what's going on today
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok doc , you know just when i see your writing it calmes me ,well i got up ok and felt pretty ok then i took meds and went a fair bit wobble for half hour then started to come round and went to friends for 10 minutes when i walked out i was all over the place like a yo yo of mixedness, i took half a sleeper and it struggle to settle so i got up and went to town for coffee i tried reading the paper but have no balance and was reading it and ok then straining then ok then , felty it pulling me in and started caturpulting up and down and felt sick , then i felt so down and depressed again and went on a rant to my friend on the phone bout wanting to dy and i had enought , then went home and calmeed down and not to bad now,but not great either, just think i neeed time to stabilize doc jst hope i have the strenght to endure what ever this throws at me as there are times when i felt almost back to normal again for an hour or so , really cool

What did your friend say when you went on your rant?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

they listened to me and said they know how hard it is but this will pass and i will get better just to give it time, they are very reassuring as they have seen me before alot better and know i can get there again

I'm glad you have such supportive and reassuring friends Peter--that's essential here. So for today you still see some light at the end of the tunnel?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes doc at different times but predominatly down but yes i see little bits and def times when i did better up to last night anynow , just so disoriantated and upset at how all over the place i am and how there is so much dark so quickly after doing so well 6 wks ago but iknow it has to come back it always has before

So do you promise to hang in there for me my friend?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes doc do you think ill be ok on it and what im experiencing now will pass and get better,

Again, Peter, so long as there are little islands of relief where you really feel complete and well there's every indication that the bad times will eventually pass. You need to stay the course on the dosage you're on now and keep me in the loop my friend
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes doc i will if i feel really bad again ill just come on line and talk to you just need to get over the first 2 wks and all will be ok

I'm here any time you need me my friend
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