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What is the significance of checking "yes" to the question:

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What is the significance of checking "yes" to the question: " Have you ever used tobacco, including snuff and chewing or other smokeless tobacco? "

I am not a regular smoker, but I have tried tobacco.
What is this for? Is this for an insurance policy?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yup, sorry to not mention that. I'm applying to Kaiser.


Ha ha.
Are you buying this health insurance for yourself, or are you automatically qualified via your job (UPS, USPS, etc)?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I'm a business owner of a small business with 2 full time employees. They have their own coverage and I am buying for myself.

if you are buying it for yourself, you may end up paying more for a policy if you admit to smoking
So, I would not mention it. :-)

I hope that this helped

Please leave positive feedback if it did :-)
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What about alcohol? Thanks. Also I have chronic psoriasis that I treat with over the counter steroids. I have seen a Doc about it but it was a while ago. The application asks if I've seen a doc or been told I have psoriasis in the last 3 years. If I answer No, that's because I no longer see a doc about it. I still have it. I just choose not to continue seeing docs about it. Is it honest to say no?

Hi Paul
These questions are a little more detailed and I am happy to answer them for you.
But you would need to rate this answer first and open up another question- it is the site rules- unless you had a question about smoking.
mentioning alcohol does not have any significant unless you are addicted
You do have psoriasis, but since the question asks you specifically whether you have seen a doc or been diagnosed in the last 3 years and the answer is you have not - then the answer is no

I hope this helped