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Recently diagnosed with epididymitis, a 3mm cyst was found

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Recently diagnosed with epididymitis, a 3mm cyst was found on my left epididymal head. I have been on antibiotics (Doxycylin) and I used to have flank pains and lower back pains, but thankfully that has all gone away. But originally what caused this was I noticed a dull ache in my upper left scrotum. Im still on antibiotics I have about maybe 4 pills left out of 20. I still notice some discomfort when I just jog abit or kind of run. I don't know if Im prolonging it or if it's getting worse. I see a urologist on monday and just wonder if this is anything serious? What could I do to you know not prolong this. I have been wearing briefs and trying to keep it cool since the doctor told me too, but I was running around abit and playing some soccer by myself and it was kindof achy but it goes away after a few minutes. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to make this go away so I can get back to my normal self?
As such in most cases epididymitis is caused by a bacterial infection or by STD.
So antibiotics are the first line of treatment and should be followed as per doctor advice.
Here are some of the tips to heal early and not to delay the healing process.
Rest in bed and Elevate your scrotum. While lying down, place a folded towel under your scrotum.
Apply cold packs to your scrotum. Wrap the pack in a thin towel and remove the cold pack every 30 minutes or so to avoid damaging your skin.
Don't have sex until your infection has cleared up.
Avoid outdoor sports for some time.
I hope this helps
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Before I went to the ER it would switch in pain, sometimes it would go to the right. But I did alot of walking today so it kindof hurts and I didnt get to wear briefs which is probably why. Is this anything I need to be worried about? What happens if the pain doesn't go away, than should I be worried? Cause I have had this dull ache for almost a month it just started more symptoms like lower abdominal pain and flank pain and lower back pain but after antibiotics that has gone away. They tested my urine for kidney stones as well and it didn't say anything on my discharge papers so am I okay kidney wise?

The physical changes associated with the inflammation take much time to heal.
And you should probably take some more rest and avoid physical exercise for some days to avoid irritating the area and allow it more time to heal.
Since antibiotics has helped suggest infectious cause and diagnosis is clear.
Kidney stone can cause reffered pain in testicle so that is why you have been checked and probably no calculus is seen.
Chronic infection can cause infertility if untreated properly.
I hope this helps
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