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Reason: my blood pressue has been high with tachycardia -

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Reason: my blood pressue has been high with tachycardia - stress test normal - also pain under the left shoulder blade.
I am obese and diabetic w high blood pressure and NC and managing with meds.
My AST is high at 62 and my ALT is 56 within normal range. My ultrasound showed the liver slightly enlarged & mildly fatty liver and a ct angio chest showed that the liver is diffusely decreased attenuation compatible steatosis.
The dr just called and wants to do a ct of the liver and belly region. Not sure what he is looking for but I am freaked out! Should I be worried about liver cancer?
Hi--do you know the results of the rest of your liver panel? Have previous liver function tests been normal? What medications are you taking?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I think the doctor is running panel for the liver on Monday the total alk phosphatase was 127. I believe that is all I have
I was taking the following at time of test
Losartan 5mg
I had a test a few yes ago and it was slightly high but doctor was not concerned.
OK. Nothing to worry about as far as liver cancer goes, Gina. It sounds as though you have either fatty liver syndrome or perhaps NASH--nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, which is not the same as viral hepatitis. These can be treated with weight loss if warranted along with a nutrient dense diet of fresh green and leafy veggies and fruits, nuts, coconut milk, tofu or tempeh, and no more than three servings per week of lean meats, poultry and fish. The one thing you'll need to do is abstain from alcohol. The ct scan is just to better evaluate your liver.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ok - as you know may blood pressure has spike on 2 occasions 220/130 and pulse rate over 100. The dr ruled out the heart. Felt like I was having a hot flash when my blood pressure got high. They checked my gallbladder was fine - ultra sound & ct scan showed I had a slightly enlarged liver& mild fatty liver. Only high AST 62.
The dr ran blood work today and asking for 24urine sample. Also order pelvis & abdominal ct scan. I thought he was looking for kidney issues since diabetic. However the urine test is a HIAA to check for carcinoid.
The dr advised it was nothing to worry about, I am freaking out again and he has left on vacation for 2 wks.
My symptoms hot flashes, rapid heart rate, spiked bp and upset stomach occasionally. Was diag with ibs in my 30's I am now 46 female.
I just need opinion as my dr out of office. Is this a serious condition?
OK Gina. Besides the spiking blood pressure and flushing did you have any diarrhea at the same time? Do you know what carcinoid syndrome is?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The first time I want to say no, but the 2nd time I had a little upset stomach but it was right when I saw my blood pressure was high and had to go to hospital. I went before leaving and then was fine felt related to nerves. Did not have while at hospital for 2dys. No but it does not sound good.
how many times has this happened? And where did you learn about carcinoids?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
2 times once in July and once again in august both times blood pressure high. My pulse rate is normally between 88 - 100. When I get nervous it gets high or go to dr it's around 112.
I wanted to know what the urine test was for and it pulled up what is was testing for.
OK--it doesn't sound to me that it's likely you have a carcinoid. This is a GI tumor that secretes serotonin which is what causes the syndrome. Usually these tumors are small and easily completely removed with surgery. You're getting the standard workup for this which I think is reasonable but again, this doesn't sound like classic carcinoid syndrome
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