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There was a problem with my first heart catherization 3 years

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There was a problem with my first heart catherization 3 years ago (I have had 6 in 3 years). I started to bleed out and it took 5 nurses applying pressure to the femerol artery to stop the bleeding. I knew I was going but they saved my life. Here's the problem, since that incident I suffer extreme pain in the groin from the damage done to the femerol nerve. I forget the name my cardiologist calls it. I cannot wear pants and even underwear is a challenge. I have had 2 nerve blocks that did not work. Now my chiropractor wants to try laser treatment. I am very nervious for her to do this for I have enough heat and burning there to begin with. Do you have any idea whether laser treatment could heal the nerve and scar tissue? If you need to call in a cardiologist, that's OK. Remember, they have gone through that same groin 6 times in 3 years.
Hi--tell me all you can about the nerve blocks. Where exactly is the pain located?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

A Pain Management doctor injected medication into the femerol nerve twice as a nerrve block but it did not help. I have a sharp burning pain in my groing adjacent to the femerol artery. Any vibration to my body such as driving in a car or wearing clothes on that are creates a great deal of pain. It has at times gone down the inside of my leg and made the foot numb (this is right groin).


Please note that I do not have a password XXXXX get into your system.

OK--have you had a nerve conduction study of the leg and an MRI of your lumbar spine?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

NO......I am already been clearly diagnosed with femerol nerve damage. I am asking you your opinion of laser treatment for the damaged nerve. All necessary tests were completed 3 years ago period. And I will not go through that again. IS LASER TREATMENT SAVE FOR THE NERVE OR WILL IT MAKE IT WORSE.

OK--sorry for asking but I just wanted to make sure of the diagnosis. The laser treatment would be fine so far as not causing more nerve damage or scarring. If that doesn't help then I would consider ablating the nerve chemically to relieve your symptoms
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK, that's exactly what my concern was in doing the laser. I have been told that actually the only way to treat this nerve damage is as you said, ablating the nerve surgically. How would chemically doing it work. Surgery?

It involves an injection into the nerve of sclerosing agents that actually kill the nerve. It doesn't involve surgery per se. It will relieve the pain but of course there'd be numbness in the distribution of the femoral nerve.
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