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I was told that if you break a toe there is nothing that can

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Hello I was told that if you break a toe there is nothing that can be done is this true? I need to know I hit my right foot on the corner of my wall saturday morning. I am in a lot of pain and my little toe has turned black, blue and purple. I dont have insurance so I dont want to go have it looked at if nothing can be done. I cant bend it.
Hi--how's the feeling in that toe? Is it only the toe that's blue?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My little toe and the area around it is black and blue cant stand to have anyone touch it

Well, in a sense if it's just a hairline fracture there is nothing to do other than buddy tape the toe to the adjoining toe or wear a supportive boot. But if the fracture is comminuted--in more that one piece--it still may heal but there could be a permanent problem with moving the toe. For now you can try the buddy taping and ice and see how it does over the next few days but if it's still a major problem by the end of the week, you really should have it x-rayed.

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