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I have pain in my leg muscles. Dont know what it is from. I

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I have pain in my leg muscles. Dont know what it is from. I am on blood pressure meds, could they be causing the pain? It started when i was outside a lot in the heat over the 4th of july and has not yet let up.
Hi--is this in both legs and all the time? What are the medications you take and how long have you been on them? Any other medical conditions besides the high blood pressure?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I am on lyrica and nortriptyline for migraines, crestor, propranolol. Been on them a log time, years. Both legs but mostly the left. I do have some swelling in left leg that seems to not go away.
How much of the left leg is swollen and any change in skin color? When this started it was both legs at the same time?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Just a little swellinh and is a little pink/red than the other one. Mostly left and only left swells
OK--no this wouldn't be from the propranolol and it could be a problem with low calcium or magnesium in your blood, but my chief concern is that with the swelling and the pain you may have a deep venous thrombosus--a clot in a deep leg vein--and that can lead to a pulmonary embolus that can be life threatening. I'd strongly suggest that you see your doctor as soon as possible for blood work and a Doppler flow study of your legs.
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