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I have an infestation of biting mites. They only bit me (the

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I have an infestation of biting mites. They only bit me (the male) of the family. They don't seem to affect my wife and daughter. They came from an old tree we had to remove to build our new home back in 2006. I read up on these bugs and they live in the roots of trees where it is cool and moist. When the contractor dragged the enormous tree trunk from where he pulled it out of the ground, to the street, which is about 130 feet and it releast billions of the invisible bugs. They went right through the old house we were living in at the time (we have two lots side by side) through the new house we where building and spread out in all directions for at least 200 yards. Our new house was almost finished. When these bugs where releasted they literley chewed me up. I had big open sores all over my body. It took months to get rid of these pesty little biting mites. Everybody thought we where crasy because you can't see these micro mites. A little over three weeks ago, my wife decided to buy new carpet. They came and pulled out the old, then put the new in. Now we have another infestation of these pesty bitting mite. How is the fastest way to get rid of these chiggars?
Hi--when this happened before did you see a doctor about it and if so what treatment did you have?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

All he gave me was a cream to rub on my body which contained a pesticide that would kill the mites on my body. He did have no other advise to give me

OK--so are you saying that now you have the sores again?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes, I have been chewed up on my feet to the point they are bleeding. I have little sores all over my body. I just want to know how to eliminate this infestation from my house without useing pesticides.

OK--what have you done with all the clothes and bed linens in the house?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

We are washing them in detergent and 20 mule team borax. the mites are in the carpet and all the areas we are at in the house.

OK--just one more question--are you being treated again for this?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No, I am using a chemical free multi-purpose enzyme based cleaner that I soak in and it kills them. It is called Kleen green naturally, Enzyme cleaner made by Natural Ginesis, out of Franklin TN.

Ok. Since this is a scabies problem the first thing you need is to be treated with permethrin cream which is what I assume you were given before. After that you still need to wash all the clothes and bed linens in the house. It isn't necessary to fumigate the house or have exterminators do their thing for this. So long as the bugs on you are killed, the others will die of their own accord in a short time. Vacuuming the floors and the furniture is the only other thing that needs to be done
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


This is not a scabies problem. If it where it would affect my wife and daughter. They are unaffected. It is a red bug problem commonly known as biting mites. Believe me i have researched the hell out of these things. My question was, how is the fastest way to get rid of these chiggars or biting mites from my house with out using Pesticides?

Sorry then--let me opt out and let another expert help you here. Please don't post anything on this page until he comes on.
There are two types of red mites including clover mites (which do not bite) and chiggers (which do bite). Chiggers are bright red and hairy. Use a residual pesticide or miticide mix it according to label instructions in a hand-held sprayer. Use the hand pump to pressurize the spray and set the spray nozzle to the fan setting for around the outside of the home and yard. Spray heavily (to the point of runoff) at least 2 feet up the walls, completely around your home and up to 20 feet out from the wall on the ground. Repeat according to label instructions, usually monthly.

There are several commercial products that will work including:

Pyrethrum has been used to kill mites. It is a natural pesticide produced by a close relative of the chrysanthemum. The problem with using it is that many races of mites have developed immunity to it. However, it is the first miticide you should try.

Cinnamite comes as a concentrate that is diluted and sprayed on the plants. It contains a miticide derived from cinnamon oil. It is very safe and is rated least hazardous. It is quite effective but it doesn't kill the eggs. It should be used every three days for two weeks to make sure all the mites are killed soon after they hatch.

These will help stop the infestation outside from coming into the home and will stop the cycle. Inside the home it is recommended that you use a standard fogging product like the ones used for roaches making sure to cover all food, etc. and while you and any pets are NOT in the home. This will greatly reduce the number of mites in the home.

To address the issue of the mites that are biting you the best thing to use is neem oil. This oil is applied to the areas where the bites are (the red spots are where the mites are residing in the skin) which will kill them quite effectively. This works great BUT this oil smells bad so you may not be a popular person around the neighborhood. The good thing is that the neem oil will kill the mites fast and within 2-3 days you should not need to apply it again as long as you have treated the house and outside as I have described above. This should take care of the problem and with occasional application around the outside of the home and yard the mites should not return.
Chris C., Nurse
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 1081
Experience: Nurse with with 10+ yrs. in wellness care, geriatrics, hospice and acute care.
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