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Six days ago I began to feel terrible gas pains like it was

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Six days ago I began to feel terrible gas pains like it was trapped. I laid on my side, everything I could to relieve it. The left side of my lower abdomen felt very hard and it is even hard to pee some. I have been drinking tons of water, miralax twice one day, then every day for last three days, colace twice a day and probiotics. I have had bowel movements that seem normal but the pressure and pain from my rectum and abdomen are awful. No blood, no fever, now my movements are "feathery" like when you are finished prepping for a colonoscopy. Xray was done "moderate amount of stool". My biggest concern is the pain and rectal /anal pressure. Abdomen sore but not real hard anymore. Have also used glycerin suppositories. The urgency at my anus is terrible. I am female, on a 1000 cal a day diet with supplements and recently have lost 90 lbs. All lab work was fine (have it monthly) three days before. I cheated and had banana pudding two days before symptoms. Any thoughts?
Have you undergone colonoscopy, CT scan Whole abdomen so far?
Any other medical history?
Are you taking any other medications?
Pain and burning sensation during urination?
Lower back pain?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Only xray of the abdomen showing a moderate amount of stool when I felt as if I was blocked. No symptoms of kidney stones or infection...urination pain was worse before gas and stool were passed.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sorry. Mild hypertension. Colonoscopy two years ago. Results two adenomous polyps removed, 5 mm each, hysterectomy (kept ovaries) one year ago. All tests were for anemia. Anemia resolved now. Calcium levels stay around 9.7 and being monitored.

Meds, Toprol xl25 , baby aspirin, potassium citrate 10meqs twice daily, singulair,celexa20, klonazepam 1mg(PTSD) Allegra 180.

Thanks for providing more information.
Well as you describe,you need to be seen by your regular doctor again and further a referral to a gastroenterologist should be considered in your case.
Well feeling of the lower pelvic pressure along with alternating bowel movements most probably give suspicion to some obstructive pathology down the intestinal tract.
Most of the time they are due to some problems within lumen of the intestine,but sometimes pressure from the surroundings,nerve compression in lower back can give rise to these symptoms.
Significant weight loss another reason which worries me and forces to run some investigations.
What i would suggest is that you should undergo
Per rectal and proctoscopic examination to look for any pathology at the terminal intestine.
Also repeat colonoscopy, CT scan Whole abdomen should be done to rule out other underlying possible causes like Irritable bowel syndrome,Colitis,Renal calculi,Diverticulitis.
As you have tried frequent use of laxatives so it can be an aggravating factor in your symptoms.
So avoid further use of laxatives and continue only probiotics and start metamucil and OTC Simethicone.
Also eat easy to digest bland diet.
In case pain is severe then visit ER for prompt management.
I hope this helps.
If you have any further query then feel free to ask.
Positive feedback and bonus are highly appreciated.
Thank you.
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