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I am a hygienist and had a patient with active lice. I came

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I am a hygienist and had a patient with active lice. I came home and showered in real hot water to try and kill any they may have got in my hair about 3hours after exposure. I found a small white bug with legs on the back of my neck after i showered and combed my hair. My husband went through my hair lookinh for bugs and only found one live adult lice crawling on the back of my gead near my neck. I have used rid and combed through my hair to find what looked to be 2 eggs. Im really nervous that my husband was not too thorough looking through my hair and removing all eggs. What are the chances the eggs will hatch knowing the one adult lice has been removed? My head is constanly itching. Can i still use the same vrush after i shower? Ive gone through 4 since i came on contact with lice?
Hi. When did you use the Rid and when did the itching start?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I used the rid about 7the hours after exposure. I think tge itching is more in my head. There was only one adult lice found through out head. How many eggs can they lay in 3the hours? Im so grosses out!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
When i say more in my head i mean mentaly. Its the wibd that tickles my hair that makes me think somethings moving in it.
OK--even though the lice can survive for a short time after you use the RID, they can't multiply and they do die fairly quickly. You should only reuse the RID after seven days if by chance you find any living lice at that point. It isn't necessary to remove all the nits or eggs--the RID kills them too. So basically, please calm down because you don't have to worry about this
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I have done research on the rid product and it states it does not kill tge eggs necessarily. what i want to know is if there are eggs currently in my head knowing that no adult ones are in there how long until these hatch? And how many they may have laid in the 3hours? May i still use my comb since all live ones are gone ?
It will kill any lice that might hatch from any left over eggs. They would hatch in one to two days. You can clean your comb and brush with clorox bleach and that will be all you need to do for those. Seriously, though, I think you're over stressing about this--the RID is quite effective in resolving the infestation.
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