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Dr Basu
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I noticed today a red on my tongue (by the way forgive my

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Hello I noticed today a red mark on my tongue (by the way forgive my english)
It is 1cm. At the front of the tongue on the median right side.
It is smooth and does not hurt. It seems that papillae are not there.
Around I can notice some yellow papillae.
I drank some alcohol this week end of wedding and 3-4 days ago I treated a sore at the same place with a product we can apply on it that the pharmacy gave me.(gone)
I m afraid about cancer or serious diseases.
Please help me.
mysticdoc :

The views expressed by me are for educational purposes only and do not establish a doctor patient relationship.

mysticdoc :

Hi there,

I am Mysticdoc, experienced Internal Medicine Specialist.

I am here to help you with your concerns.

mysticdoc :

Red mark can be due to the loss of papillae or taste bud on the tongue.

mysticdoc :

This can occur from the recent infection and also from alcohol.

mysticdoc :

THis does not sound like cancer.

mysticdoc :

However, a clinical evaluation should be considered by an oral surgeon.

mysticdoc :

Sometimes, precancerous lesions on the tongue can present like this like red patches.

mysticdoc :

A tongue biopsy only can rule that out.

Customer: Thank you i m so scared about cancer. I m 36 years old.
mysticdoc :

I understand.

mysticdoc :

The risk is low.

mysticdoc :

I will not worry about that

Customer: What about the product against sores that I applied 4 days ago on the same area in the front of the tongue ?
mysticdoc :

do you see the re mark on the same area?

Customer: Yes it is pretty the same. The sore has already gone.
mysticdoc :

ok that is good.

mysticdoc :

This can also cause the red mark.

Customer: Thank you so much doctor. I will see if the red mark persits in the next few days. Here is my excellent rating. I ll be glad to ask you a new question on another subject because I m an anxious person.
mysticdoc :

very welcome.

mysticdoc :


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