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Anthony Bray, MD
Anthony Bray, MD, Doctor
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I had a Plantar's wart on my foot about 5 years ago. A

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I had a Plantar's wart on my foot about 5 years ago. A doctor froze it with a spray while scraping it. It continues to callous over each month, becoming more painful until I cut it off each time. How can I keep this callous from recurring?
Anthony Bray, MD : Hello!
Anthony Bray, MD : it sounds that you have been on the right treatment plan but that you may do well to have it extended or upgraded some in the short term to achieve better long term results....
Anthony Bray, MD : I would advise with plantar warts to freeze these with liquid nitrogen ( this gives a very superficial "frostbite " type injury.... Repeat freeze treatments at 2 and 4 weeks....
Anthony Bray, MD : in between these treatments you may use an over the counter wart treatment such as Compound W applied once a day ( hold treatment if you have too much skin peeling away or pain or bleeding...)
Anthony Bray, MD : The compound W uses dissolved aspirin to kill and soften superficial layers of skin...
Customer: So you think the wart is still active?
Anthony Bray, MD : the idea of treatment is to kill the viral infected cells( the wart) and allow the non infected tissue bow be speeded up in their multiplying to replace the damaged wart layers....
Anthony Bray, MD : usually three treatments us adequate to get rid of the bothersome wart....
Anthony Bray, MD : they can be stubborn to treat.... Most often it is persisting when people take too long between effective treatment cycles though ...
Anthony Bray, MD : if it still is harder than surrounding tissue then it sounds that it is likely still active yes....
Anthony Bray, MD : By all means have the dermatologist examine this!!
Customer: Ok. Makes sense
Anthony Bray, MD : there can be reasons such as pressure points that form callouses too.... Warts have a distinct appearance on close exam however
Anthony Bray, MD : I hope this helps! Let me know if you have further questions!
Anthony Bray, MD : i will be happy to get back with you!
Customer: Thank you
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