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I have a question on Genital Warts. I was wondering if I could

Customer Question

I have a question on Genital Warts. I was wondering if I could send in a photo and get an opinion. I slept with a woman other than my wife for first time in 15 years. Now maybe I’m paranoid, but I had a red bump show on my penis shaft and another on my upper thigh near the pubic hairline. I just went to a doctor (in Oman) and had multiple STD tests. Syphilis, chlamydia, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV were all taken and came back clean. Obviously there is no HVP test for men – so I cannot get a test for that. Unfortunately – that is the test I really want as I think I may have a genital wart. My sexual contact started 3 months ago and ended 6 weeks later. Upon visual inspection the doctor told me that these were not genital warts. He said they were both probably ingrown hairs and not to worry. I do agree with the one on my thigh – but it just happened at this same time further freaking me out. He also stated that on the penis I would not get a single bump like the one I had – and it would not be this smooth. He did not do a very thorough exam in my opinion. A wart would be more pronounced and very rarely a single bump. I’ve seen many different articles on the Internet and his diagnosis does not necessarily correlate. In addition, I did a full blood work profile. He told me that if I were recently infected with HPV virus (or any virus) I would have large variations in my white blood cell counts and other anomalies in my reading. He said the variation would not mean that I have HPV – but he said the absence of any variations would indicate that my body is not fighting any viral or bacterial infection. Obviously the best way to check would be the partner getting STD checks – including and pap smear with HPV test. She did that yesterday and the results will be back in 10 days. If that is negative I assume I’m in better shape.
What do you think? Can I upload some photos and get a second opinion on the two bumps?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Anil replied 3 years ago.



Usually the PAP test can show changes in the patients with HPV infection and there is a specialised test done along with PAP test in suspected cases from cervical smear.


HPV 16/18 Qualitative Real Time PCR.

HPV types 16 and 18 account for 70% of all cervical cancers.


But these test can be done in female sexual partners.


In my opinion your best bet is to wait for her results and stop getting anxious for the time being.


Also from what i can judge from your question is that you are reading too much about HPV infection and STD and this can some time cause anxiety as we used to have during our intial years in medical education.( Medical Student Syndrome)




Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Haha, I agree on the Medical Student comment. Would you mind looking at the photo as well?


Her results won;t be back for 10 days and I'm not sure it will be the right type of testing. As you can imagine - she was not happy when I asked her to go.

Expert:  Dr. Anil replied 3 years ago.

I am unable to see the photograph.( Not properly uploaded.)


Pap smear is the gold standard test to look for the changes in the cervix.

If atypical cells are seen specific HPV PCR test are done and also coloposcopy is done.

So PAP smear is a routine test for screening.