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I found nits on my daughters hair so I went out and bought

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I found nits on my daughters hair so I went out and bought NIX and did treatment. Thought I got them all. School nurse called me and said she found nits but no live lice. Said I should comb through hair with nit comb which I did tonight. To my utter dismay I found a few more live lice!! I so want to give another treatment but the nix box says to wait 7 days. Is it normal to still see live lice a day after treatment? I am afraid school will send her home tomorrow....not sure what to do please help!!!!
Hi--how exactly did you use the Nix?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I washed hair, towel dried it and applied step one and left on for 10 minutes. I then rinsed and applied the rinse and combed through her hair. I then rinsed again. As she had quite a bit of crème on her hair.

OK--no problem here since not all the lice will die within just one day although all of them will within another day or two. She should be fine and I see no reason not to send her back to school tomorrow. The only reason for repeating the Nix after seven days if if live lice are seen after that period of time so seeing a few the next day doesn't at all mean she hasn't been properly treated
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Would it hurt to do another treatment? Maybe I shouldn't have washed the hair again. I'm sorry I'm just so upset. I keep combing her hair with the nit brush and her poor little head is getting sore.

Actually the soreness may be from the Nix--no for now hold of on another treatment. You really don't need to do any more combing.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok I will stop the combing for now. The school nurse said I need to do it thoroughly for the next several days. It seemed to me that if we found a live louse my daughter wouldn't be able to stay in school even after the treatment. Thank you for your insight I really appreciate it.

Well, the live lice are essentially doomed and can't replicate so she isn't contagious. She should be fine