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My mother is 82 and suffers from anxiety....she takes Adivan

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My mother is 82 and suffers from anxiety....she takes Adivan .5mg 3 times a day and a Omeprazole 20mg 1 time a day in the morning.....she normally s pretty good but when she has an anxiety episode because she is over stressed or she is a worrier so she has them now and then and she broke her shoulder last Oct and her femur in Jan and has been recovering from the surgeries for those so she has anxiety episodes now and then....anyway, she is going thru a little stressful time right now and we have upped the Adivan to 4 .5mg a day and she is doing better but she wakes up every morning with nausea, sometimes to the point she will gage but never throws up.........if she can eat some breakfast and get her day started she begins to feel so much better late morning and by early afternoon is ready to eat anything and everything...........I think the stomach acids are really working during the night, she has a lot of gas while this is happening also............what can we give her before bed or to settle these acids during the night so she doesn't wake up with the nausea.......
Thank you so much
Joyce H
Thanks for the question

You can give her another dose of omeprazole at night.

And make sure she is not eating or drinking at least 3 hours prior to bed time.

Often reflux becomes worse at night

Avoid citric and acidic foods, including tomatoes and peppermint

I hope that this helped!
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you much.......I'll give it a try.......she does have a little ice cream sometimes maybe an hour to hour and a half before this causing problems

Yes, the ice cream can definitely cause problems right before bed- please be firm on the 3 hours- I know it is tough :-)

Please leave positive feedback if this was helpful!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you so much.............I'll do my best and hope for the best